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Primary Objectives


The Primary objectives of PICE QATAR CHAPTER are:


1.1  To facilitate the continuing professional development of its members by  showcasing the latest Civil Engineering technology through education and training with newly established engineering information and advancements through but not limited to lectures, seminar/workshops, researches, online forum and other means of educational information available.


1.2  To establish and maintain a support system within the general membership by:


  1.2.1    Pooling resources and extending a helping hand to laid-off / denied  re-employment  colleagues in the Civil Engineering profession with a No Objection Certificate to find new employment in Qatar and where possible within the Gulf region.


  1.2.2 Extending assistance to concerned members in time of need and to charitable Institution/s for distribution to calamity affected recipients in the Philippines.


  1.2.3  Facilitating programs for the reintegration of the PICE QATAR CHAPTER members into the Philippine community.


1.3    To facilitate an information network among the PICE QATAR CHAPTER members by means of media, internet, or other means of communication.


1.4    To foster a spirit of pride, responsibility and camaraderie in the civil engineering profession.


1.5    To present a visible symbol identifying the Civil Engineers in Qatar by affiliating and reintegrating our Organization with other international organizations who have similar, if not the same, common goals as professionals in the field of engineering.


1.6    To assist concerned members in their advance engineering pursuits and other concerns relating to the Institute and with any Registry of Engineers.


1.7    To encourage and to assist interested Associate Members by organizing and conducting Civil Engineering review classes prior to the examinations to prepare themselves in taking the Special Professional Licensure Board Examinations (SPLBE) in Qatar which is sanctioned by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).



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