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1.Republic Act 10912 (click to view )

2.Implementing Rules and Regulations (click to view)

3.Amended CE Operational Guidelines (Click to View) and Professional Regulatory Board's Operational Guidelines (Click to View).  You can also view these documents below.


4.Professional Regulatory Board, PRB of Civil Engineering

Operational Guidelines (to be finalized) in the implementation of RA 10912. Follow the link (

CE_OG 200218 P1
CE_OG 200218 P2
PRB OG Res07 P1
PRB OG Res07 P2
PRB OG Res07 P3
PRB OG Res07 P4
PRB OG Res07 P5
PRB OG Res07 P6
PRB OG Res07 P7
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