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Let me extend our warmest appreciation and thanks to all of you for your trust and support in the leadership of this noble organization. We may have some shortcomings and hardships in organizing this chapter but the appreciation that we are getting from you is enough to fuel our hearts to go on serving the true meaning of PICE Qatar Chapter.

We have lined-up programs that will benefit our members to realize their true potentials and activities that would fulfill our civic responsibility in serving our fellow Filipino in need of assistance.


We have envisioned that one day our organization will flourish and be recognized internationally as an elite organization that promotes the integrity of the Civil Engineering Profession.


We hope and pray, through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, this organization will continue to grow forever and be blessed with achievements that reflects its ideals. Again, I thank you all for your support. God bless us all.


Sincerely yours,

Engr. Roy L. Baquiran

Founding President

PICE Qatar Chapter



Engr. Roy L. Baquiran

Founding President


MABUHAY! Congratulations to my fellow officers, the Board of Directors, Founding Members and to all the PICE QATAR Members whose foundation is built upon.


Today we have reach a new milestone in our life for being a part of the establishment of a prestigious and elite organization which aims to help our fellow Filipino Civil Engineers in the advancement of his/her technical expertise and professional career.


We have boldly done what others dreamed about and made this dream a reality with the continued support of each member, this legacy will last forever.




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