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The PICE Qatar Chapter was established in Doha, Qatar, on 25 May 2007 by twenty five Filipino Civil Engineers. These 25 Founding Members hailed from different regions of the Philippines and were employed by various engineering and construction companies involved in various aspects of civil engineering and construction activities in the development of the State of Qatar.


The Founding Members elected among themselves a set of Interim Officers to run the affairs of the new professional organization headed by Engr. Roy L. Baquiran as its Founding President. On 17 June 2007, the PICE Qatar Chapter was recognized by the Philippine Embassy in Qatar, through H.E. Ambassador Isaias F. Begonia, as a non-profit organization of Filipino Civil Engineers working in the State of Qatar, dedicated to establishing and maintaining an organization that embodies the common ideals and aspirations, and supports the continuing professional development of its members through education and training with newly established engineering information and advancements through lectures, seminars and research. During the following months, a massive information campaign was launched and a membership registration drive was carried out.


The establishment of the PICE Qatar Chapter was warmly received by a significant number of Qatar-based Filipino Civil Engineers who joined the organization and registered with the Chapter. On 21 September 2007, the PICE Qatar Chapter request for accreditation was approved by the PICE National Board through the National President Juanito P. Abergas and Chapter Affairs Committee Chairman Ronaldo S. Ison. The PICE Qatar Chapter is now recognized as a PICE International Chapter - Charter No. 03.

Formation of International Chapters:

“Upon the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to the amended By-laws (November 25, 1999), the formation of International Chapters was made possible.


The chapters, which are based on other countries, is a manifestation of our commitment to reach-out to Filipino Civil Engineers around the world.

We strongly advocate the formation of International Chapters in order to establish a more concrete point of union for Filipino Civil Engineers”



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